Terms & Conditions

Prices FCA Croatia – Ferrodus Bjelovar Warehouse. Prices are without TAX/VAT and transport cost.

For exact price with transport send us ZIP/post number, town and country. For deduction of TAX in Europe provide us VAT No. And exact name of business subject.

Payment on FERRODUS d.o.o. bank account at Zagrebačka banka d.d. IBAN: H R 3923600001102398072 BIC SWIFT: ZABAHR2X

Payment: 60% of “TOTAL” on bank account for starting production, rest of 40% before loading, depend on type of order.

Delivery: FCA is export price with out TAX (tax is on Invoice in region of Europe, if customer provide VAT registre for tax we can deduct tax) customers out of Europe don't have TAX on Invoice and paying tax and import cost in their base country.

Ferrodus only paying export documentation cost in Croatia Europe. For helping client we finding and organise best in cost transport in moment of sending equipment to customer. Under best commercial price of transport we do not organise ramp on truck or big forklift unloading of equipment for client, this is strictly customer obligation under our best commercial standard order. Complete logistic and obligation of transport is contracted transport company obligation.

If client receive damaged goods it is important to write this on delivery note in receiving moment of goods, any sign is customer approval that is all ok and if damages occur, transport company and insurance will not accept complain.
Every offer is valid for 5 days. After 5 days we do not garante time of the production and discounts mentioned in an initial offer.

Vedran Presecki, eng.
Director & Founder of Ferrodus d.o.o.